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About Us

Innovative Products

PH&S Products, an ISO 9001 (with design) certified Company, is a leader in the designing and developing of innovative hand protection. Servicing customer’s needs in the municipal government agencies as well as emergency response teams and other agencies in the Public Health and Safety Market. Our goal is to offer a premium examination grade UL approved quality glove at an affordable price. Providing superior products to a wide variety of healthcare professionals that demand the very best in hand protection, all glove styles are manufactured to the strictest standards of quality and are NFPA certified.

Specializing in nitrile examination gloves made with a formula free of accelerators, sulfur and zinc, our nitrile gloves protect the healthcare worker and their patients from skin allergies and irritations.

PH&S Products prides itself in offering professional customer service and on-time deliveries from either our east coast or west coast warehouse locations. We are committed to offering our customers quality product, preferred pricing and lasting customer relationships.

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High Standards

PH&S gloves are manufactured to higher tensile and elongation standards for increased durability in the field.

PH&S gloves are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories that are audited quarterly by Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with NFPA standards.

PH&S Products manufacture a proprietary ASZF Formulation that significantly exceeds ASTM and NFPA requirements. Our formulation has been achieved in making gloves with a high tensile and elongation properties necessary for strength and durability, as well as to pass the NFPA standard, required for gloves used in an EMS application.

PH&S tests each and every lot by a third party, independent laboratory in Accordance with ASTM standards. Each lot of a controlled number of glove pieces are tested for critical defects by the third party not biased by the manufacturer or importer.  The goal is to objectively inspect each shipment for critical conformance to standards, whereby test data initiates continuous improvement to on line process tolerances, ultimately resulting in enhanced quality.  These test reports include critical criteria necessary to ensure the end user's product will meet our high quality requirements.